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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Serenity Slings & Little Tree Handmade

There are some baby products I wish I'd had when my littlies were babies. I've only just discovered the wonderful world of baby slings & pouches. Yes I had one of those stock standard, navy blue front pouches but there are so many gorgeous carriers that look soooo much prettier - & comfier!

Serenity Slings store owner - Michelle, & Little Tree Handmade store owner - Sita, are two ladies who have chosen to brighten up the baby-carrier market.

Michelle is based in Porirua, North of Wellington (NZ) and first fell in love with slings when she saw her little baby boy enjoying the comforts of his ring sling. After making a few Ring Slings & pouches for herself and family members, Michelle's passion for sewing and design kicked back in and thus the resulting business was born - Serenity Slings. View Michelles handmade wares here - http://littlekiwisnest.co.nz/store_about/10

Sita developed her passion of sewing upon motherhood, and discovered a new passion for natural parenting. She put the two together and came up with LittleTree Handmade! Sita aims to enhance mama and babes life, in the instinctive parenting style by encouraging mums to wear their babies in one of her gorgeous slings or pouches. Visit Little Tree here - http://littlekiwisnest.co.nz/store_about/4

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New to the Nest...

A huge Little Kiwi's Nest welcome to our newest store

There is no need to run and hide from these little critters, they are friendly little monsters that LOVE to cuddle!

With big cheesy grins and arms outstretched - you can't help but smile when you see them.

Made from soft and snuggly fleece they are the perfect little friend for any boy or girl.

Collect them all!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

We are very excited to report Little Kiwi's Nest is listed under Whats HOT HOT HOT! on the home page of Kids Fashion Review! You have to check it out - this is an amazing online resource, and we are honoured to be featured like this after only being live for 5weeks!
Thanks Rose Review!!!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monster Invasion!

Little Kiwi's Nest warns that monsters are about to invade our site. Don't fear, these ones are actually quite cute & good for a snuggle. Keep your eyes out for the cuddly little criters soon!

Ducky Delicious Day

As a parent, it is always nice when you get to the end of the day & think "boy, that was a great day". Today was one of those days.

It all started with a trip to some fantastic fabric stores with a friend, followed by lunch & more fabric stores. Even with my 4 year old in toe it was great fun. She is showing a real gift at picking the most outlandish fabrics in the store, even if they're tucked right out of sight!

In one of the shops I bought packets of plastic duckies for my 2 year olds upcoming party (which should actually have happened two months ago!). Knowing it would be impossible to hide them until the party (date still yet to be finalised - heaven help me), we headed to the local park to give them a whirl. The squeals of delight from the girls at watching these little plastic ducks flap their wings and swim in the fountain was priceless. As was watching them double over in laughter at the ducks zooming down the slides & sitting on the see-saw.

The small things in life are often the best!

If you have a little one obsessed with ducks, check out the following home made products at Little Kiwi's Nest.

http://www.littlekiwisnest.co.nz/product.php?VP=72 - Made it Baby shirt
http://www.littlekiwisnest.co.nz/product.php?VP=456 - Made it Baby onesie
http://www.littlekiwisnest.co.nz/product.php?VP=40 - Made it Baby clip
http://www.littlekiwisnest.co.nz/product.php?VP=170 - Made it Baby headband
http://www.littlekiwisnest.co.nz/product.php?VP=386 (not quite a duck but it IS yellow!) - Cuckoonest coin purse
http://www.littlekiwisnest.co.nz/product.php?VP=360 - Blossom Bums girls bib

And if you too have had a fun day with something as simple as a cheap plastic duck - please share!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Confused about cloth nappy options....Blossom Bums answers all!

Pocket nappies are the preferred choice of many parents as they can easily adjust the level of absorbancy, with a pocket opening at the back they are easy peasy to customise.
Pocket nappies are also the fastest drying nappy available, as each piece separates completely.
The inners are made with super soft microfleece that magically wick (wicking is where the wetness goes straight through the microfleece, leaving the microfleece with a stay-dry feel, so that delicate skin does not have wet fabric next to it) moisture away from baby's delicate bottom to help keep them dry and rash free and straight through onto the absorbant layers - these layers can be conventional inserts, pre-folds, old cloth nappies, basically if it is absorbant you can stuff it in and use it!

These are great for parents and caregivers who love 'no fuss' when it comes to nappies, with the entire nappy all joined together.
I make these with the soaker attached at the tummy panel only and in one long piece that you fold in half to use and this piece sits on top of the nappy inner, which you then fasten as normal.
The microfibre that sits against babies’ skin is covered with microfleece.
Sewing them this way basically eliminates the disadvantage of drying time that comes with traditional all-in-ones.

Fitted nappies can be made with virtually any fabric because they are not waterproof, so the cute choices are virtually endless!
One disadvantage of fitteds is that they dry more slowly than other nappies because the absorbancy is sewn into the inner microfleece.
They also require a separate cover and depending on the choice used, they are more bulky, but as the cover doesn't need to be changed unless soiled or wet at nappy change time they can be a very economical option, some days you may only need one or two covers.
An advantage of this system is that with a nappy and a cover there is extra protection against ‘explosion’ leaks out the legs and back, so are especially suitable for newborns!

Polar/microfleece covers can be used as a cover over any nappy
They can be used as a nappy with an insert (or anything absorbant) laid on the inside, pull the insert up between the legs and fasten the cover just like a disposable - extremely easy to use, making them ideal for grandparents, babysitters and wriggly babies!
It is not necessary to use a new cover each change, simply replace the insert with a clean one unless the cover has become very wet or soiled - making these VERY economical.
My fleece covers also have a hidden waterproof layer sewn in between the two layers for extra protection against wetness.
Also available are basic pul covers - pul is short for polyurethane laminate, which is the waterproof part. A layer of fabric is bonded with this layer of laminate; the laminate can be bonded with a variety of fabrics, from brushed cottons, to knits to cottons & poly cottons.
Pul covers are a single layer of pul with soft elastic binding sewn all the way around the edge. Because they have a wipe clean inner they are ideal for those quick clean-up jobs.
They can be used as a cover over prefolds, fitted nappies or flat cloth nappies. They are also an ideal back-up for night-time nappies or disposables.
I sometimes make these covers with sandwich pul, which is two layers of pul sandwiched together so that the outside and the inside have a fabric layer; meaning that these covers can go directly against the skin, which single pul covers cannot.

Microfibre is a man-made fabric that absorbs fast and dries quickly but with the disadvantage that if it becomes too wet it will squeeze the wetness back out - much like a wet sponge under pressure.
Microfibre cannot be directly against babies' skin as it can strip the natural oils, so is ideal for inside pocket nappies.
Hemp is a natural fabric with it's own antibacterial qualities.Although it absorbs more slowly it absorbs a lot, but can be a slow dryer.
A combo of these two fabrics is ideal, with the microfibre being closest to baby and the hemp underneath at the bottom of the pile.
Bamboo is fast becoming a favorite among many parents as it is another natural fabric but is trimmer and dries faster than hemp, but a downside is the price, being more expensive then hemp.

I sew all my inserts in one or two layers only, that are then folded for use, so that they wash and dry easily.

They are not available yet, but will be very soon!

Blossom Bums


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tots to Teens ad...

Little Kiwi's Nest has an ad in the current issue of Tots to Teens, a fantastic parenting publication. You can pick up a free copy at your local Plunket, (also at child care centers, supermarkets, schools...).

It is worth a look - as we are offering a 10% discount with special code (printed on the ad) for the months of August and September.

The ad features three of our stores, Cuckoosnest, Made it Baby and Beautiful - with an adorable product shot from each.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Stores

Little Kiwi's Nest is made up of a wonderful group of stores all run by fabulous stay at home mums nation wide.

Made it Baby: Gorgeous handmade clothing, accessories, room decor and so much more...
A.P.T. CreatioNZ: Art and crafts ranging from paintings to toys and everything in between.
Lylly-Fysh: Beautiful handmade shoes and garments.
Little Tree Handmade: Wonderful baby slings, shoes, bibs and pocket nappies.
Cuckoonest: The most amazing felt creations! Toys, room decor, bedding...
Natural Star: Fabulously natural! Bamboo and merino hats, booties, mittens and more...
Blossom Bums: Snuggly cloth and pocket nappies, bibs and more...
imba: Designer bibs that really work as well as looking great!
Beautiful: Stunning customised wall art with your child's name.
Serenity Slings: Funky baby ring slings and pouch slings.
Holland Design: Adorable booties and hats that must be seen to be believed!
Marshmellow Magic: Crochet magic - wonderful hats, ponchos and more...
Yours Naturally: Glorious natural skin care products, towels, gift sets and more...
CUDDLE MONSTERS: Adorable, snuggly little monsters ideal for any boy or girl!

To check out whats on offer either select the site link button or click on any of the store images on this blog.

What do you think of our website?