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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More green!

Now when I started this thread on 'green' it was all in the spirit of Christmas & being in awe of my christmas tree. Well, green took on another meaning today when my Miss Two came down with a violent tummy ache. Sorry for the visuals!

To rid yourselves of those visuals, be sure to view all the wonderful handmade products I picked to share with you tonight. There is some seriously crafty ladies in New Zealand - so happy that a few of the best decided to sell on Little Kiwis Nest!

While I'm on that train of thought, if you are a home-based creator of wonderful wares for kiddies (0 to 10yrs ish) please, please, please drop us a line. We LOVE seeing other peoples creations! Click on the 'Create a store on Little Kiwis Nest' icon on the bottom right of our website.

Speak soon!

Monday, December 14, 2009

What's green under your tree?

I trawled through the stores on Little Kiwi's Nest looking for a theme tonight. I thought there may just be a few green, handmade creations which could tie in nicely to the season - ie not green with envy that other people seem to have finished their Christmas shopping & I haven't! I'm staring at this whopping great chunk of green Christmas tree that takes up most of my lounge. This thing is HUGE!

Anyway, once I started looking for green I found that everyone has made such gorgeous creations in all sorts of green hues. I LOVE green, an dhope you do too. This is installment one of all things green!
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas mayhem

Has Christmas just knocked you for six? I can't believe we're 10 days into December already - eeek. Still so many presents to buy, let-alone wrap, christmas parties to be had - kindy, work, friends etc etc -, & last mintue orders to send out!

I finally got around to wrapping some little presents yesterday with the expectation I'd wake this morning to them all unwrapped by my mischevious 2 year old. Mischief she got up to, but it wasn't what I expected ... I was awoken to Miss 2 & Miss 4 full of excitment that they'd set up a christmas treasure hunt for me. Yep, that's our new tradition but it spells trouble coming from them!

Anyway, to cut a long story short - I searched high & low (well, low mostly) & only recovered half of the presents. And yep, they can't remember where they hid the other half!

Back to business ... there are some really cool handmade creations available on Little Kiwis Nest, ready to be wrapped & included in your very own treasure hunt! If you get in quick, Harpsters, Marshmellow Magic, Yours Naturally & Mostly Monsters have some terrific discounts available.

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