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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Innovation with Pocket Nappies - Minky Bots

Only a mum could have come up with this product ... & only a mum who uses modern cloth nappies could have discovered the need for it!
Helena from Minky Bots has been creating gorgeous minky nappy covers for a while now but has just designed & released her newest product.  This creation will conquer the age old problem of shorts falling off, or skirts riding up, a crawling baby. 

Sold as a duo with a nappy, you can choose either a ruffle skirt or shorts. Both options are made with snaps to hold it in place at the back with elastic in the front so that it will grow with baby and the nappy.
Minky Bots custom make the skirt/shorts to suit your desired colour/pattern.  After purchasing through Little Kiwis Nest Helena will contact you to discuss your options, alternatively you can contact her through the site prior to purchase. 

Nappies come in 4 sizes, Newborn, Small, Medium and Large. 

View this product HERE

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