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Monday, April 12, 2010

5 ways to wear your Ring Sling

Need a little help in finding the most comfortable way to carry your baby or toddler in your ring sling? Michelle from Serenity slings is more than happy to share her expertise :)

The Cradle Carry ( birth +)

  • gently lower baby into the sling, you need to make sure that he is in between the layers of fabric
  • pull up the fabric to support the neck and head
  • bring the fabric right down past baby's bottom, you want the fabric to sit at least at the back of the legs, Newborn baby's can have there whole legs inside the sling
  • you can find a position that is suitable and comfortable for you and baby
  • please make sure that you can visibly see baby and that the chin is not pressed up against the chest.
  • IF you have a small baby and feel that he/she is getting lost in the fabric you can place a blanket underneath to prop baby up.

Tummy to Tummy (birth +)

  • Place baby gently in the sling
  • bring fabric up to baby's neck for support
  • make sure the fabric is to the back of baby's knees with his bottom lower than his knees for security.
  • make any minor adjustments
  • tighten the sling and now you have successfully put baby in the tummy to tummy position.

The Kangaroo Carry (5+ months)

  • firstly have the sling adjusted very loose to give you plenty of room to put baby in easily
  • hold baby in front of you with his legs in a frogged like position
  • while holding baby securely with your arm bring the sling fabric up from under baby and place baby into the pouch of the sling.
  • Make sure baby is placed in between the 2 layers of fabric.
  • bring the fabric up as high as you can in the front to support your baby.
  • now tighten and adjust for a snug fit.
  • It is best to keep a hand on the front of baby for security, keep an eye on baby at all times in this position and take extra caution when bending over.

The Hip Hold (5 months +)

  • Hold baby in front of you
  • gently place baby into sling and place him on your hip as you would normally do
  • make sure fabric is supporting baby's back and that the fabric is at the back of baby's knees with there bottom lower than the knees for security and comfort.
  • adjust the sling nice and snug and you have baby in the hip hold.

The Back Carry (1 year plus)

  • The back carry is pretty much the hip hold but you slide baby to the back, It is a must that you make sure that the fabric is right up to the back of the knees with the bottom lower than the knees, this will ensure your baby will not start to slip out.
  • make sure you have a good snug fit .

Next we will bring you Serenity Slings instructions on how to wear a baby pouch. Stay tuned !

There are SOOOOO many benefits for using slings - hands free, colic-friendly, handy for travelling - & they make a fantastic baby shower gift. Be sure to visit Serenity Slings store HERE at Little Kiwis Nest.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. My 5 1/2 month old loves to be in the ring sling but I haven't been able to find a comfy position for him that is comfy for him and secure feeling for me.


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