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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meet the Maker - Miss Jade

 Please tell us who you are & what you do?
Hi, I'm Lisa - mum to daughter Jade with baby number 2 on the way. I design ribbon bows and hairclips.

Is there a story behind the name of your shop?

Yes, it's named after my little girl.

How did you get started? Have you worked in other creative areas before the kind of work you’re doing now?

I started making clips and bows after buying some ribbon to line some store bought hairclips for Jade. After experimenting with designs friends and family started asking if I was selling them. I also paint modern NZ native landscapes (for sale on TradeMe under 'Urban Art').

How long have you been creating for?
Since January this year.

Is your business a hobby, a profession or a happy marriage of both?
Definitely a bit of both. I love to create beautiful things and it's exciting when other people also like them.

Describe your work setting.
Half of the dining room table!

Do you work alone? With a team? Do you engage your family or friends in the work? What is your process? How do you ensure you get your work done yet still have a life?
Yes, I work alone. Family and friends help with feedback. Ribbon is cut, heat sealed, hand-sewn and then attached to alligator clips. Designs vary depending on the types of ribbon and the look I'm trying to create. Achieving the work/life balance is about working out what's important and needs to be done.

Why do you do what you do? What inspires you? When do you get most excited?
I really enjoy making something that is a little different. It's exciting and rewarding when other people like your work so I guess that inspires me - that, and a penchant for gorgeous ribbons!

Can you remember your first sale? What was it?
Yes - it was for a ladybird and a flower clip.

Have you ever been in business before?
Yes, I sell my artwork on Trademe and also paint commissoned pieces.

At what point do you consider yourself successful?
When I can do what makes me happy.

Where do you do your best thinking?
When I'm out walking/talking with friends.

What stops you from giving up when you are frustrated?
Knowing that things will get better.

If you had time to learn a new skill what would it be?
Learn how to be a better cook.

When you are not involved in your craft/business- what can you usually be found doing
Spending time with family and friends.

Do you have a favourite handmade purchase?
Yes, it's beautiful soft Alimrose cat rattle that my baby loves.

Do you buy on impulse or do you go out looking for something you need?
I usually look for something I need but invariably end up buying on impulse if it's something I just have to have.

1.What is the last thing that made you belly laugh? When my friend put salt in my Milo by mistake.
2. What was the last cd/ipod track etc that you listened to? Alicia Keys - Try sleeping with a broken heart.
3. Where do you hide your secret stash of chocolate? At the supermarket.
4. What was your cheapest holiday? Trip to Sardinia from London.
5. When did you last write a letter? About 4 months ago.

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