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Friday, April 16, 2010

Benefits of baby ring slings & pouches

So you've read the 'how' on wearing a ring sling or pouch but maybe some of you are wondering on the 'why'.

Michelle from Serenity Slings (one of the stores on Little Kiwis Nest) has a real passion for babywearing & is happy to share her thoughts...

Have your Hands Free
One of the great benefits of wearing your baby is having your hands free. Whether it is doing housework, shopping, cooking dinner, attending to other siblings needs, or going for a walk, it all can be achieved while still attending your babies needs of being cuddled up close to you.

Great for Breastfeeding
Slings are a great way to breastfeed discreetly while out and about. They also organize problem suckers as some babies breastfeed better when on the move, the movement helps organize there sucking. Ring Slings would be the best for discreet breastfeeding as you have a built in breastfeeding cover

Great for babies who suffer from colic
The gentle movement and pressing of baby tummy when wearing your baby will help breakdown the trapped gas and when being help upright in the tummy to tummy hold will promote digestion. Also the feeling of security will calm and sooth your little one.

Cry Less
Research has shown that babies who are carries cry less on an average of 43% this is because your babies needs are met and they feel a sense of security .

Great for Traveling
Baby slings are a great traveling companion as they are lightweight and compact so easily stored in a suitcase or bag. No need to lug around a stroller when catching public transport and can be very handy when you have hours to wait in between boarding planes.

Great for Mental Development
When your baby is carried they spend more time in a happy quiet alert state which is the ideal state for learning. There senses are stimulated even carried and your baby/toddler gets to see the world from your view, you spend more time talking and interacting with your baby too which is a lot better than steering at a wall or ceiling when lying in a stroller.

Great for emotional and Physical development
Babies feel a sense of security and trust when being carried and will help them feel secure and confident throughout there childhood. When your baby is being held close to your body they feel your heartbeat, feel your breathing , hear your voice voice and feel your warmth . These are all familiar and help them get into rhythm more quickly. It is especially great for premature babies who respond to mummy’s touch.
You will find many more great benefits from baby wearing. Having a happy baby makes a happy family!
Convinced? Now for the fun part ... choosing your sling or pouch HERE ON LITTLE KIWIS NEST! And remember, these would make a FANTASTIC baby shower gift too :)

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