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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ring Sling Instructions

Michelle from Serenity Slings was kind enough to let us publish her instructions on how best to wear your ring sling.

Serenity Slings aim to bring babies & parents closer & have been doing so in their own way since since 2007. Michelle is based in Porirua, which is about 20 minutes north of Wellington City (New Zealand). All her slings are handcrafted by herself &, in our opinion, all are unique & stylish!


  • Grab each end of your sling in each hand.

  • thread the tail of the sling through set of rings

  • now take time to spread ( gather) your fabric evenly, this makes it a lot easier to adjust.

  • Now thread the sling through 1 of the rings like you would do with a belt.

  • Now you have formed a pouch.

  • decide what side you want to wear your baby and pop the sling over the opposite shoulder like a sash.

  • Now you have your sling on, its best to adjust your sling but leave enough room to pop baby in, this makes the adjusting a bit easier when baby is inside. the rail closest to your hip will adjust the underneath of the sling, the rail closest to the outside will adjust the top of the sling.

  • Now you can pick up your baby to put into sling.

Tomorrow we'll share 5 different ways you can carry your child, from birth throught to 1yrs+ . In the meantime, be sure to visit Serenity Slings store on Little Kiwis Nest if you are interested in buying a ring sling.

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