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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Pouch wearing instructions

We have covered how to wear your ring sling correctly (thanks to Serenity Slings information) so now we're on to pouches.

Pouch slings are a no fuss native style baby carrier. Many people prefer a Pouch Sling if they are not fussed on the tail of a Ring Sling. Because they are such a non bulky simple design they are easily folded up compact to fit in your handbag or glove box. They are a great traveling companion.

Serenity Pouch Slings are a NON adjustable sling and are made to fit the wearer, the size of your baby does not influence the size of the sling. You will be able to wear the same sling comfortably from BIRTH to TODDLER HOOD.

And here is how to wear the pouches comfortably ...

How to put on your pouch sling

  • Hold your sling in front of you with the opening of the sling facing up towards you. This is where your baby will sit.
  • pop it over your shoulder and place the curved seam where your baby will be. For most holds it should sit at your navel area. For the hip hold it will be placed on the side you will be carrying your baby in


  • Hold baby in your arms as shown
  • gently place baby into the sling bottom first.
  • gently lower the rest of baby into sling, though its not shown in pictures, its best to have baby's head closer to the outer rail so you can see baby and doesn't get lost in the sling.
  • please make sure that baby is not to curved up in the sling and that there chin is not pressed up against there chest.
  • Hold baby in front of you as shown in picture.
  • place baby against your shoulder and bring sling up and over baby, or you can lift baby and place into sling, whatever feels more comfortable for you.
  • pull the bottom rail under baby and place right to the back of the knees with his bottom sitting lower than the knees, this secures baby in the sling so no chances of slipping underneath.
  • Pull top rail up back to wards neck for support. Older babies like to have their arms out.
  • Young babies can have their legs in a frog like position where older babies have their legs out.
KANGAROO CARRY ( 5 months +)

  • hold baby in front of you like shown. fold there legs in the frog position.
  • gently pop baby into the pouch, making sure they are siting in the sling with fabric on both sides.
  • bring fabric up towards the front so baby is secured into the sling.
  • You MUST keep an eye on baby at all times while in this position, It is a good idea to keep a hand on the sling for support. Be extra cautious when bending over.
  • Only use with babies who have good head control.
THE HIP CARRY ( 5 months +)
  • Hold baby in front of you as shown in picture.
  • gently place baby into sling
  • place the bottom rail all the way to the back of the knees and have baby's bottom sitting lower than his knees.
  • bring the top rail up towards the neck for support.
  • Older babies can have their arms hanging out.
  • you can flip the shoulder as shown in picture .5 to pull the sling in closer for a more snug fit.

THE BACK CARRY ( 1 year +)

  • place baby into sling as shown in picture.
  • follow the instructions for the hip carry.
  • all you need to do now is shuffle baby towards your back, as shown in picture .3
  • make sure the bottom rail is sitting right to the back of baby's knees and fabric is high up towards the neck for support and security.
  • This carry is only for older babies. Other sling manufacturers suggest you can carry your baby in this carry but i do not recommend this carry for young ones.

Thanks again Michelle for letting Little Kiwis Nest publish your instruction guide. You can contact Michelle with any questions you may have through Little Kiwis Nest HERE.

And don't forget you can find gorgeous, limited-edition baby pouches & ring slings on Little Kiwis Nest too :) http://littlekiwisnest.co.nz

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