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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More green!

Now when I started this thread on 'green' it was all in the spirit of Christmas & being in awe of my christmas tree. Well, green took on another meaning today when my Miss Two came down with a violent tummy ache. Sorry for the visuals!

To rid yourselves of those visuals, be sure to view all the wonderful handmade products I picked to share with you tonight. There is some seriously crafty ladies in New Zealand - so happy that a few of the best decided to sell on Little Kiwis Nest!

While I'm on that train of thought, if you are a home-based creator of wonderful wares for kiddies (0 to 10yrs ish) please, please, please drop us a line. We LOVE seeing other peoples creations! Click on the 'Create a store on Little Kiwis Nest' icon on the bottom right of our website.

Speak soon!

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