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Thursday, January 14, 2010

New to the Nest ... SnuggleB Toys

We fell in love with the quirkiness (is that a word!?) of the Sunggleb Toys range & were so excited to welcome the very talented Debbie onto Little Kiwis Nest. Debbie is from Hamilton (great new craft market starting new soon, by the way) & has two kidlets.

Debbie started sewing as a teenager & it followed her into her work as well, as an after school job and later as fulltime work as a pattern maker and marker.

It took the arrival of her children to revive her passion for sewing again. Debbie started making Snuggle Blankets when her son became attached to one of his blankets, it kind of snowed balled from there. When her daughter became attached to a crazy giraffe she designed a toy pattern as well.

Now Debbie has a variety of toys in her collection and loves anything handmade.

You can catch Debbie with her range of handmade Snuggleb Toys at the new Hamilton markets starting in Feb

10am to 1pm

Rototuna Primary School

Multi Purpose Room23

Strathmore Drive

Rototuna, Hamilton

1st Sunday of the month

Starts Feb 7th 2010

Snuggleb Toys facebook ... here

Snuggleb Toys on Little Kiwis Nest ... http://littlekiwisnest.co.nz/

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