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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trolley Covers - keep germs at bay!

Keep your precious little one cozy and clean in this handy trolley cover by Lylly-Fysh.

Designed to easily fit all baby seats on supermarket trolleys. With Velcro closures it is easy to put on, even one handed! You simply thread the trolley straps through the back slot, the buckle piece through the bottom one and it is ready for baby.

Strap covers are included to stop those that like to chew from sucking on the dirty straps.

Side strap is both a toy holder for when in use to stop things from being thrown overboard! When not in use it very handily keeps the whole thing rolled up for easy storage in your nappy bag.

Completely machine washable and made from quality 100% cotton fabrics, with a soft layer of batting in between.

Available in loads of different fabrics.

Custom orders are welcomed, for more information or to place a order please feel free to email: lylly-fysh@littlekiwisnest.co.nz

Free shipping on all products within NEW ZEALAND, International customers please enquire via 'contact us' for shipping details.

Purchase your trolley cover HERE

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