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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sneak a peek into someone elses shopping cart ;)

Every now & then I sneak a peek into the shopping trolley infront of me in the grocery store.  More often than not it jogs my memory that I had actually planned to buy something similiar - like yesterday I was meaning to buy a baguette & only remembered when I was behind someone with one! I couldn't face having to go to the back of the line again so I came home baguette-less but it did inspire this blogpost!

I thought perhaps someone elses purchases may spark that little thought of "Oh that's a great idea for such & such".  So here's a little peek into some of the handcrafted products people purchased from Little Kiwis Nest this week...

Newborn dress, Toddler dress & cot duvet cover by Made it Baby. Shop HERE

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