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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What makes the perfect 'favourite snuggly toy'

Most of us had that special, cuddly friend that kept us company through our childhood. Some of us had several - & some of us may still have that special someone tucked away for emergencies.

Now that I'm a mum I'm enjoying watching the relationship grow between my kids & their çhosen ones'. My eldest has had a variety of friends the weirdest was Bones - ie the glow in the dark plastic skeleton. Now its a saggy dolphin bought at Seaworld 3 years ago.

My youngest is addicted to her blanket more than anything.  That thing goes everywhere!  She does love 'Or' the elephant & 'Noisy' the teddy with the bell in the tummy.  Oh & then there's ducky, the mini plastic duck.  She also has a family of 'My Pony's' that have to be carted about - yep, called pony ... every single one of them called pony. My girls have great imaginations ;)

I've been eyeing off the gorgeous crocheted toys on Little Kiwis Nest and think they have all the makings of a life long friend.  Firstly they're nice & soft & made fantastically well (will last the years of kidhandling). It helps that they are totally adorable too! 

 But what I LOVE LOVE LOVE about these is that they are seriously big!  A good tag-along toy needs to have various places to be held easily by little friends - & these fit the bill.  Most of the little critters sit about 30cm tall (think the height of your old school ruler) - that's a nice, non-scungy size!

Oh, & did I mention that you can choose whatever colour you want?!?  You can order exactly what you when you want.

Now without further adieu, meet the Crochet by Beth family ...
Custom Crochet Puppy- the puppy is the newest addition to the Crochet by Beth family. He;s currently only made in black and white but would also look great in creams and browns (even pink!). What colour would you choose?

Custom Crochet Monkey - the monkey is a very cute and cheeky option for the boys- looks fab in the traditional brown but also cute in blues. Don't rule out this cheeky little pal for the girls though- it is just adorable in pink.

Custom Crochet Bunny- the bunny was the first member of the Crochet by Beth family and is still very popular with kids and adults. The bunnies are available in 3 sizes: Baby Bunny is great for new babies- the perfect baby shower gift. Medium Bunny is great for the kids- a real cuddly friend to keep you company. Then there is the Large Bunny which is fab for the big kids or even for adults- go on you know you want one for yourself.

Each listing also have photos of products already made in case you need a little inspiration.

So which one will you choose?

Custom order are given a 2 week turnaround but this is a worst case scenario.  If you simply can't wait that long for your new friend be sure to email Beth to check time.


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