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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Store Alert!!!! Loads of Merino Delights with 'Billy & Ella'

Who doesn't love a good merino garment?!?  Not only is it simply silky soft to touch but it has numerous qualities - eg hypo allergenic, ability to absorb & release moisture etc - making it the perfect fabric for babies & children.

We are so excited to welcome our first store specialising in merino wear ...Billy & Ella. Like most of the labels on Little Kiwis Nest, Billy & Ella is a New Zealand run, owned and operated business. Solina is a mum of two gorgeous little critters & lives in a medium-sized town in the North Island. 

From a merino wrap to dresses every part of Billy & Ella’s design is thoughtful and focused on three key principals: quality, practicality and function – all packaged in beautiful design. It’s about a few essential, high quality and multifunctional, pieces that resonate with today’s cash strapped consumers.

And to top it off, Billy & Ella is a company with a conscience - giving back to the community with 20 % of profits donated to New Zealand children's charities.  Now you can feel doubly good about buying!!!

View Billy & Ella's store HERE.

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