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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Winter beanies

Autumn has decided to show it's not-so-nice face.  I'm a great lover of autumn.  I love the trees turning shades of yellow, red & orange before dropping their leaves.  I love photos of my kids playing amongst the leaves, & of bare branches under blue skies.  What I don't like is the chill-factor!  My house lacks insulation & we find the temperature inside is actually cooler than outside - go figure!

Our knitwear designers have been waiting patiently for this cooler weather, when  suckers-in-big-houses like me suddenly go on a spending spree of beanies, jumpers, mittens & slippers!  There are som AWESOME designs on Little Kiwis Nest but I really tried just to choose one from each label.  Boy that was hard!  But hear are my pics ...

1. Marshmellow Magics 'fascinator hat' - love the autumn tones & BIG flower.  $25
2. Creative Aertz 'Licorice Allsorts hat' - how can you not love this funky take on grandpa's favourite lollie! $20
3. Made it Baby's 'Funky baby beanie' - a stretchy cotton-blend beanie to brighten any cloudy day. $9.50
4. Beinzstalk's 'Funky flower beanie' - mmm the warmth of polar fleece!  Love the poking out flower too! from $18.00


We'd love to hear which beanie/hat is your favourite.

Keep warm :)

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  1. I miss Auckland and One Tree Hill particularly when I see this photo! Love your work, LKN! x


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